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How to Showcase the Best Features of Your Rental Property

Showcase your property's features

Your commercial property has unique features that makes it stand out from similar properties in the area. But how exactly can you showcase those features to attract the right tenants?

Here are a few effective and easy methods to highlight the best features of your commercial property:

Showcase your property's features1. Take high quality photos of your space

Quality photography is one of the most effective methods to showcase your property. High resolution photos can draw the attention of potential tenants, including those who may not be able to visit your property. You can take the photos in-house or hire a professional photographer who specializes in real estate photography.

We recommend taking interior and exterior shots, focusing on both the functionality and design of the space. You may want to consider photos of the landscaping, kitchen area, bathrooms, individual offices, elevators and conference rooms. Be sure to share the photos on your website, in brochures and postcard mailings, and on social media. You could compile them into a collage or video slideshow to further capture the attention of your potential tenants.

2. Create a video to showcase your property’s features

With the advent of new technology, you can further set your listing apart from the competition. Consider capturing drone footage or creating a virtual tour to give prospective tenants an even closer look at your property’s features. You could add audio overlay or subtitles to provide more details about your commercial space. Many real estate photography companies offer these services for an additional fee, but you could also consider a Facebook live or other video to introduce prospective tenants to your space.

These resources can be added to your website, social media channels, email marketing and other digital marketing materials. Videos receive more engagement than still photographs and can result in more leads and quicker closes.

3. Share testimonials from former tenants

Nothing beats the endorsement of previous tenants. Prospective tenants will gain confidence as they hear about the benefits of your property features from credible sources. Make sure to focus on success stories such as how an office space improved brand reputation or an easily accessible warehouse increased productivity. Share these testimonials on your website, on social media and on other listing marketing materials.

Contact a member of our landlord representation team to learn how we can highlight the features of your property.

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