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Top Building Features for Medical Offices

Medical office with bed and counter
Medical office with bed and counter

As a physician, your commercial real estate plays a prominent role in the patient experience. Your space should feel welcoming, comfortable and clean. When you evaluate potential locations, you should look for these top building features for medical offices.


To showcase your practice, look for medical office buildings that offer building and/or monument signage. Prominent signage can bring in new patients and, as a result, greater revenues. Talk to your landlord about your options for signage to ensure you are making a good first impression on potential patients.

Plumbed Exam Rooms

Medical offices have greater plumbing needs than some other commercial spaces. In addition to restrooms and emergency stations, many medical professionals desire or are required to have hand washing sinks in all exam rooms. Look for offices that are already plumbed, so you can avoid expensive renovations.

Reception/Waiting Area

Another one of the top building features for medical offices are reception and waiting areas. All your patients will spend time in the waiting room, so you want to make sure it feels modern and inviting.

Proximity to Hospital

The location of your medical space should also be considered. Areas near hospitals are recognized as healthcare districts, and your practice will benefit from this perception. These locations also increase the likelihood and convenience of referring patients between medical facilities.

By seeking out spaces with these features, you will set your practice up for success. Please contact our medical office team to discuss the specifics of your office.

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