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Menlo Book Club: Positive Intelligence


Positive Intelligence is a transformative book by Shirzad Chamine that explores the concept of Positive Intelligence and its profound impact on our lives. This book provides valuable insights into how our minds can either be our greatest allies or our fiercest adversaries. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the Menlo Group team’s greatest takeaways from Positive Intelligence.

Increasing Our PQ Scores

The book starts out by explaining Positive Intelligence. “High Positive Intelligence means your mind acts as your friend far more than as your enemy. Low Positive Intelligence is the reverse” (p. 6). This concept could be described as the difference between having an inner cheerleader and an inner critic.

Chamine outlines the Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ), which measures the percentage of time that our minds work for us instead of against us. A higher PQ score indicates a greater ability to harnass the power of positive thinking and resilience.

The tipping point for positive change, according to the author, is a PQ score of 75. Crossing this threshold indicates a significant shift in our mental states, leading to enhanced well-being and success.

Our team members had a variety of starting PQ scores. We were excited to learn ways to increase our PQ scores as individuals and as a team.

Identifying Our Saboteurs

The author outlines ten inner Saboteurs that can bring us down and hinder our progress. The most powerful and universal of these inner adversaries is the Judge. The Judge is a disparaging voice that constantly evaluates and criticizes us, undermining our confidence and self-worth.

Our team members each represented a variety of Saboteurs, including the Avoider, the Pleaser and the Hyper-Vigilant. Each of these inner voices serves as a roadblock to our personal growth and happiness. The first step to overcoming these Saboteurs is to identify the lies they tell us.

Strengthening Our Sages

The key to improving Positive Intelligence lies in weakening the influence of our Saboteurs and strengthening our Sage, which represents our authentic self. By cultivating our Sage, we tap into our innate capacity for empathy, creativity and resilience. We are able to approach challenges and setbacks with a more constructive mindset.

Strategies for strengthening our Sage include mindfulness practices and self-compassion. These techniques help us break free from the grip of our Saboteurs and unleash our full potential.

Positive Intelligence offers a compelling framework for personal growth and empowerment. By understanding the concept of PQ and recognizing the influence of our inner Saboteurs, we can embark on a journey toward a more positive and fulfilling life. With dedication and practice, we have the power to strengthen our Sage, silence our inner Judge and unlock our true potential. This book serves as a roadmap to help us navigate this transformative path toward greater positivity and resilience in our personal and professional lives.

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