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February 12, 2018
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With New Building and Refreshed Brand, Menlo Group Looks Forward to the Future

Menlo Group's new brand and office building

Unique new office environment centrally located in Tempe and refreshed branding position Menlo Group Commercial Real Estate for future growth.

Tempe, AZ, August 30, 2017–(PR.com)–Over a year ago, Menlo Group President and Founder Tanner Milne and Chief Operating Officer Bryan Bunker started looking toward the future of their commercial real estate brokerage. They decided it was time to find a new, permanent home to allow for planned growth of the company. It was also an opportunity to do business with an approach as unique as Menlo Group’s.

A New Building

Located at 1809 S. Holbrook Ln. in Tempe, the building is ideally situated to reach all areas of the Valley. After several months of designs and renovations, Menlo Group recently opened its new building to the public.

The space was designed to be a welcoming place for both clients and brokers, and with an eye toward fostering creativity.

“That’s the whole reason we did this. We wanted to create an environment for innovative thinkers to incubate creative ideas and industry leading service. Now the space is in alignment with our core values and the service we’ve been providing for years,” said Milne.

Inside the office, people will see a modern space with an emphasis of openness and technology. They will first notice the large collage of aerial photographs covering the entire valley on the wall next to the entrance. The main office area can accommodate up to 30 team members with work stations spaced throughout. Each work station has a motorized sit/stand desk and dual monitors. Eight conference rooms are set aside for meetings with clients, other brokers, and Menlo team members. A multipurpose room houses the kitchen along with the break room and can hold events.

The space also features exposed trusses, spiral ductwork, and fourteen foot ceilings along with finished concrete floors. When the weather is fine, glass rollup overhead doors can be opened. There is even a designated area for clients and vendors who need a place to be productive when they’re in between appointments.

When they need to use the internet, they’ll then discover the entire office is wireless enabled. The building also employs other technological upgrades including projectors that can be wirelessly projected to from any laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Location was critical to Milne and Bunker when finding a space. They wanted a spot easily accessible from any part of the Phoenix area. Their new building accomplishes this by being situated close to Loop 101 with easy access on and off. Milne spent years driving to and from various parts of the valley, timing the amount of time it took him, in order to find the site which provided the easiest access to all parts of the valley.

To view photos of our new offices, please check out our Google My Business profile.

A Refreshed Brand

Along with the new building, Milne and Bunker considered it was time to do something else to highlight Menlo Group’s evolution. As the details for the new building were being considered, Menlo Group started working toward refreshing their brand to showcase their company’s identity and the inspiration for that identity.

“We used this time and opportunity to update our brand and make our light bulb more pronounced as far as what it represents: the story of Thomas Edison and the Menlo Park Land Group. The group helped Edison identify the property where the world’s first research and development lab would reside. We believe as Menlo Group, our primary objective is to put businesses in a position to succeed and have an impact on individuals, families, companies, and even the world,” Milne said.

The refreshed brand includes the newly updated light bulb logo along with a new website launching soon and the redevelopment of marketing collateral.

Milne and Bunker believe this brand will stand them apart from other commercial real estate brokerages in the Phoenix area.

“We do things differently and are constantly looking for more efficient ways of accomplishing transactions. We want to give time back to our advisors so they can take better care of their clients and do more business. We have a process we’ve developed and refined over the last decade that allows us to really push the limits. Those are the things that make us a truly unique brokerage and we wanted our brand to reflect that,” said Bunker.

This new era for Menlo Group is an exciting one for Milne and Bunker. They see great things ahead.

“I’m pumped every day to come to the new office. Everything about it and the environment has been multiplied. When clients come to meetings here, they’re energized. Our entire team is energized. It really is fitting for what we’re doing and who we are,” Milne said.

Bunker added, “The most exciting part about this is the new opportunities to help businesses that want to grow and improve. The whole intent behind this is to be able to recruit to our team the best and the brightest. We want a group of dedicated, committed, accomplished advisors and staff who can deliver an experience and outcome as good as any, if not better, than clients can get anywhere else in the industry.”

The surrounding community and Valley were welcomed to check out the new office on November 2nd when Menlo Group hosted an open house.

The building renovations were carried out by Vista General. The architecture was handled by Josh Oehler at Arc One, and the interior design was provided by Kelli Berry and Erin Liston at Iconic Design Studio.

About Menlo Group

Menlo Group is a full-service commercial real estate brokerage headquartered in Tempe, Ariz. We specialize in buyer/tenant representation, seller/landlord representation, investment services, real estate consulting, property management and project management. We exist to support clients, advisors and employees in their professional objectives through effective real estate strategies. Please read this article to learn more about the history of Menlo Group and contact us at 480-659-1777 

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