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Ten Commercial Building Features That Attract Corporate Tenants

Certain property features attract corporate tenants

Certain property features attract corporate tenants

As a landlord, you want tenants who treat your property with respect, pay rent on time and notify property managers quickly whenever problems arise. To attract tenants like these, you’ll want to make sure your property has the features they’re looking for.

Here are 10 building features that will attract top-notch tenants:

1. Easy access to the building

Prospective tenants want a space that is easy to access by both clients and employees. A congested elevator or a hard-to-navigate parking lot could be turn-offs to potential tenants. Improvements such as new handicap ramps and keyless entry systems may also attract new tenants.

2. Move-in ready condition

Corporate tenants incur large costs when relocating their businesses. A move-in ready commercial property is appealing to potential tenants to cut costs. Cleaning, painting, flooring and other upgrades can discourage clients who are interested in relocating their businesses and hitting the ground running.

3. Fitness facility

Companies put more focus on employee wellness than ever before. An onsite fitness facility is convenient and can save tenants time and money. Businesses will be attracted to your space with such facilities, as their employees will maintain better work-life balance and take less sick days.

4. DAS systems

Distributed antenna systems, commonly known as DAS systems, are among the leading features that attract corporate tenants to commercial spaces. The system is a series of antennas that provide wireless coverage in a building. DAS systems reduce the likelihood of dropped calls in your commercial building. The improved connectivity from DAS systems makes your building more appealing to clients.

5. Communal kitchen or cafeteria

Prospective tenants will appreciate a quality kitchen area to store and heat up food. The atmosphere of the kitchen area can help them enjoy their lunch break and encourage team building. If you own a larger corporate office building, you could consider adding a cafeteria. Tenants will appreciate the convenience of lunch without leaving the office, and you will appreciate the extra income.

6. Outdoor gathering spots

Business owners and their employees will appreciate places to enjoy breaks from the office without leaving the premises. Consider adding or improving outdoor gathering areas, such as rooftop decks, atriums or outdoor gardens. These onsite spaces will increase the desirability of your commercial property.

7. Natural lighting

Natural lights brighten the atmosphere and improves employee morale and productivity. For these reasons, prospective tenants will be looking for spaces with large windows and skylights. If your property has good lighting, you’ll likely see a lot of interest from business owners.

8. LEED certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) was created to assess the environmental performance of a building and promote market transformation towards organic designs. A LEED-certified building is energy efficient and can significantly reduce utility costs. Several studies have shown that employees’ productivity levels and morale are often higher in a LEED-certified building. Consider making adjustments to quality for this certification.

9. Multiple commuting options

Many business owners desire a location with multiple commuting options. If your location is near a bus or light rail strop, you already have an advantage over other landlords. You may also want to install bicycle storage and electric car charging stations, as these features are in rising demand.

10. Child care center

Business owners may seek out commercial space with an onsite child care center. Employees with children will appreciate the convenience and will have peace of mind knowing their children aren’t far away. Your commercial facility will be more appealing to business owners and employees with toddlers if you have a child care center.

Once you have the features to attract tenants, you’ll want to begin marketing your property. To learn how to best market your commercial property, contact one of our landlord representation brokers today.

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