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Menlo Book Club: Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is one of Menlo Group’s favorite and most-read books. We recently reread the book as a team, and it was fun to see how we’ve grown since our last time through. We wanted to share some of the ideas that have had the greatest impact on us.

1. Set Lofty Goals

The author included many examples of individuals who have set and reached lofty goals. We were inspired by these stories as we discussed our own personal and professional goals. Our team also considered how to utilize these ideas with our clients to ensure they meet their commercial real estate objectives.

At Menlo Group, we strive to create a work environment where all team members have the capacity and freedom to pursue their goals. Employees are encouraged to clear unnecessary tasks from their to-do lists, so they can focus on what is most important. Our company doesn’t have a set, linear corporate ladder, which enables team members to create their own paths to success.

2. Engage in Healthy Thinking Patterns

In Think and Grow Rich, we learned about the power of positive thinking. By visualizing our ideal outcomes, we are able to intentionally plan and put those plans into action. In our book club meetings, we focused on overcoming negative thinking patterns that may prevent us from achieving our potential.

We also discussed the importance of dedicated thinking time. Some team members do their best thinking in a quiet, structured setting. Others discover their best ideas while commuting or exercising. As we make time to think, we will find creative solutions to help us reach our goals.

3. Utilize Your Master Mind

We can’t expect to know everything, so we should build a master mind of individuals who hold knowledge that we may not have. Our master mind includes our well-rounded team at Menlo Group, lenders, vendors, and other brokers. Our master mind can also include people who we don’t know personally but still inspire us. We read a lot of biographies and take insights from the lives of other business leaders.

By building our master mind, we will be able to do more than we could ever do on our own. Our master mind can also hold us accountable for our goals. When we share our goals with others, we demonstrate our commitment to those objectives.

4. Keep Going

Achieving our goals requires persistence. We discussed the importance of writing our goals down, reading them daily, and reviewing our progress weekly. Our daily habits and short-term goals should contribute to our larger goals.

At times, we may fear failure, but failing is a part of the process. Our past experiences can provide us with confidence to keep going. When we start to fade, we need to find ways to strengthen our resolve and reignite our desire.

We enjoyed reading Think and Grow Rich and look forward to continuing to apply its principles as we pursue our goals. Want to read alongside our team? Sign up for our Virtual Book Club and receive emails with our chapter summaries, discussion questions and business tips.

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