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Menlo Book Club: Mindset

Mindset, a book by Carol S. Dweck

Our team recently finished reading Mindset by Carol S. Dweck. We had great discussions about the book and wanted to share what we learned.

It is important to cultivate a growth mindset.

The author describes a growth mindset as the belief that qualities can be developed through effort, strategy and help from others. This viewpoint differs from a fixed mindset, which is the limiting belief that everyone is born with a certain amount of intelligence, skills and personality traits. A growth mindset can positively affect every aspect of our lives, including our careers, hobbies and relationships.

Individuals with growth mindsets thrive on challenges.

To develop a growth mindset, we want to set lofty goals and create specific plans to reach them. We discussed the importance of creating good habits and building brain muscle through a variety of activities. 

Individuals with growth mindsets embrace failure.

Those with fixed and growth mindsets differ in the way they face setbacks. In the commercial real estate industry, deals, opportunities and business relationships sometimes fall apart, and we strive not to get discouraged. In life, rejections can be great opportunities for redirection. Our team utilizes a tool to reflect on our experiences and make plans for future improvement.

Individuals with growth mindsets don’t compare themselves to others.

A fixed mindset causes individuals to feel threatened by others’ success. Those with a growth mindset look outward and recognize the contributions of others in their achievements. The only comparisons we want to make are between our current and future selves to evaluate our progress.

We enjoyed reading this book and look forward to continuing to implement its principles. We’d like to invite you to learn alongside us by signing up for our Virtual Book Club. You will receive a biweekly email with a chapter summary, discussion questions and insights from the Menlo team. 

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