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Industrial Features Commercial Buyers Are Eager to Pay For

Industrial real estate

Industrial propertyCertain property features can set a commercial building apart from others on the market. If you’re looking to lease or sell an industrial property, you’ll want to make sure your space has some or all of the following features. These features will attract potential tenants and buyers, and ultimately put more money in your pocket.

Fiber-optic feeds

Fiber-optic feeds can increase the value of your industrial property. Business owners rely heavily on a stable and fast internet connection to conduct business. Fiber-optic feeds are one of the most reliable internet methods because fiber-optic cables use light instead of electricity to transmit signals.

Light is the fastest method for transmitting information, so potential occupants can expect high network speeds. With fiber-optic cables, you don’t have to worry about electrical interference, which provides more flexibility in the location of the cables.

High warehouse ceilings

Square footage is a key factor in determining the lease rate and sale price of a commercial property. In industrial properties, the cubic space should also be considered, as high warehouse ceilings often allow for higher prices. Higher ceilings enable occupants to stack their goods, so they may require less floor space . If your space has high warehouse ceilings, your property will be very appealing to potential tenants and buyers.

Truck high loading doors

Industrial property owners benefit from truck high loading doors. Potential buyers and tenants desire this feature to better coordinate ingoing and outgoing truck shipments. This feature is in-demand and can make your property substantially more attractive to potential buyers and tenants.

Extra land

Extra land can be a great asset to building owners. Potential buyers and tenants will often pay more if extra land exists near an industrial property. Extra land provides business owners with space for storage, additional parking or future building expansions.

You’ll earn bonus points if the land has a fence around it, so you may want to consider installing one. Manufacturers can benefit from outside storage of raw materials or finished goods. Logistics companies have peace of mind that their vehicles, trailers and trucks are secure.

Buyers look out for several different features before making up their mind to buy any commercial real estate facility. If any of the features mentioned here is missing in your industrial facility, you can have them installed to increase the overall value of the property and its asking price.

If you’re ready to lease or sell your industrial property, contact a member of our industrial real estate team.

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