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February 8, 2018
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How to Make Your Commercial Office Space More Attractive to Tenants

What exactly do commercial tenants look for when choosing office spaces?

This is one of the key questions you will have to ask if you intend to match potential tenants’ expectations. While all commercial office spaces are built for business, some are more attractive than others. Unattractive office spaces often compel landlords to cut down on lease price because they can hardly find tenants. As a landlord, understanding the pros and cons of various office space options will give you a clear insight into why tenants fall in love with a specific office space and what makes them rule others out. So how exactly can you make your office space more attractive to tenants?

What Tenants Really Want In Their Office Spaces 

Here are some key things you can do to make your office space more attractive:

Build for the type of business you want to attract

Who are you targeting? Are you hoping to catch the attention of traditional law firms or the next big tech company? Build and design your space with your audience in mind. If you’re targeting creative startups with huge potential for growth and expansion, then focus on a breathtaking modern kitchen, and open workspace along the window line with enough space for benching systems.

If you intend to attract financial institutions, law firms, and other professional service firms, make sure you build large offices along the window line and traditional layout. One of the worst mistakes you can make is trying to appeal to everyone. Your space may end up appealing to no one. This can make your office space vacant for a very long time.

Use glass

Many business owners love glass walls or at least glass sidelights. This is because they appeal to practically all types of clients and customers. If the person using the office space requires some privacy, all they must do is frost the glass with a window film. But do away with herculite doors, they are too expensive and not worth the cost. An easy alternative is a metal or wood framed storefront door designed with a glass cutout.

Use luxury vinyl tile in the reception area

You should cover a few hundred square feet of the reception area with luxury vinyl tile (LVT). This often creates a good first impression for prospective tenants, clients, team members and visitors. A natural wood tone is perfect for almost any business. This is because a natural wood tone is less likely to clash with a business desired appearance. Never miss the chance to make your office space more attractive with LVT.

Choose blues, grays, and whites for your paint colors

A large number of prospective tenants will not prefer bright green, orange, and yellow office walls. While bold colors may seem attractive, natural colors, energetic feel, mostly in the cool color category, will attract a huge number of prospective clients. The reason is not far-fetched. These colors are adaptable and can complement almost every company’s marketing/branding colors. Ensure that the blues and grays are lighter – just a bit darker than white – to prevent darkening the suite.

Use double doors

Regardless of the location of your office space, down the hallway or even directly off the elevator, double doors will make the space seem outstanding. Many tenants admire double doors as they make navigating across an office space easier, and feel more open.

Upgrade the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the spaces prospective tenants look at before making up their minds. While an upgraded kitchen may not make it to prospective tenants’ checklist, it can make all the difference between your office space and others if the tenant is looking at several buildings. For many business owners, the kitchen is a spot for bonding and team building. This is why a top notch kitchen can make a huge difference for many companies.

Limit the built-ins

Some built-ins are very expensive and they can become useless once tenants decide to remove them to make room for other things. Some companies prefer their built-ins to match their furniture or have a precise sizing for filing reasons. There are several other aesthetic things you can spend your money on rather than built-ins, that many prospective tenants will appreciate.  

Make sure your bathrooms are sparkling clean

Prospective tenants won’t end an office space tour without checking the bathroom. If your bathroom is in very bad shape, the entire office space could be an instant turn off. Make sure your bathroom is clean, up to date, and is user-friendly.

Bottom line

Don’t expect tenants to move into an office space without requesting any change. But if you can get up to 90 percent of what potential tenants want, then you will have an awesome office space, and tenants lining up to see it.

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