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September 8, 2021
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September 20, 2021

Eight Characteristics of Brokers Who Dominate

Brokers who dominate
Brokers who dominate

When hiring a broker, you should choose someone who ‘dominates,’ according to renowned commercial real estate author Rob Santomassimo in his book Brokers Who Dominate. Below is a summary of the eight characteristics you should look for in a broker to ensure he or she is qualified to work for you.


You should choose a disciplined broker who can strategically plan and create systems that look out for your best interests.


Brokers who dominate are oriented to their clients. They stay within their specialty/market niche, cooperate with other brokers and expose you to all available opportunities. Everything they do is to ensure your success.

Market presence

Select a broker well-known within the submarket. These dominating individuals should have many word-of-mouth referrals. They should also actively promote themselves through print and digital channels.

Industry focus

Having an industry focus turns a broker who dominates into an expert. You wouldn’t go to a dermatologist for heart surgery. Similarly, you shouldn’t choose an industrial broker to assist with your medical office or retail space. Choose a broker who specializes in a specific industry.


Brokers who dominate navigate the commercial real estate process with the end in sight. They have a vision for their career and surround themselves with a professional network that inspires them to achieve their goals.


Assertive brokers are those who dominate. They will negotiate boldly on your behalf and will never make excuses for errors or setbacks.


Look for a broker who has a solid support staff to help with marketing, research, billing and document creation. This team helps the broker—and you—find success.

Entrepreneurial approach

Brokers who dominate think and act entrepreneurs. They think and act like CEOs in their approach to their business and yours. This attitude and ownership enables them to achieve success.

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