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March 6, 2019
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Menlo Book Club: To Sell Is Human

To Sell Is Human by Daniel H. Pink
To Sell Is Human by Daniel H. Pink

The Menlo Group team has checked To Sell Is Human off our literary bucket list. The author, Daniel H. Pink, addresses the evolving sales industry and ways to improve sales technique.

Our team met together and discussed how to apply Pink’s principles to our sales process and came away with some great insights that we wanted to share:

Selling is client-focused.

Salespeople should focus their efforts on their clients’ goals instead of on quotas and commissions. Good salespeople not only answer clients’ questions but also ask questions to discover problems that a product or service could solve.

As sales professionals, we should also strive to make our clients feel comfortable in our interactions and adjust our communication techniques accordingly. Some clients like quick texts while others prefer lengthy phone calls. Pink discusses how many people wait for their turn to speak instead of truly listening. Our team made a goal to improve our listening skills to better serve our clients.

Caveat emptor is no more.

In the past, salespeople were the primary source of knowledge for potential buyers. This state of asymmetrical information led to the rise of “caveat emptor,” which warned buyers to beware of sleazy salespeople and misleading products.

Buyers today have just as much information as sellers. Our clients can find available properties and research the market online, and our job is to help them sort through that information. Menlo Group’s unique processes, the Ideal Space Navigator and Ideal Outcome Navigator, assist in guiding clients through commercial real estate transactions. These tools clearly outline available properties, lease terms and other important information.

Always be improving.

Salespeople should consistently strive to improve their sales technique to better help clients. In our line of work, we face a LOT of rejection, and we must learn from those experiences. (The author calls this trait “buoyancy.”) We also ask our clients for feedback and use their comments to find additional ways to improve.

Our advisors continually refine their skills through professional development courses, trainings and meetings such as our biweekly book club. They also strive to complete the requirements for the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) and Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designations. Two of our 10 advisors have earned both designations, and another four are CCIM designees.

We’re grateful to be a part of the exciting sales industry and look forward to putting these ideas into practice. Please visit our blog to see our other book reviews.

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