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November 9, 2017
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How To Showcase The Best Features Of Every Rental Property

Almost every rental property has at least one or more unique features that makes it stand out from similar properties in the same area. But how exactly can you showcase those features to attract the right tenants?
Interestingly, there are several effective and easy methods of showcasing the best features of your rental property to attract the type of tenants you want. Once you know exactly how the process works, you can start building a brand for yourself in your property location and on the internet.

How to highlight the best features of your rental property


1. Hire a photo professional

One of the most effective methods of showcasing the best features of your rental property relies heavily on quality photography. Since every potential tenant wouldn’t get the chance to visit your rental property, your best bet is to showcase your property features via high resolution photos. Hire a photo professional who specializes in real estate photography.

If your rental property is an office building with beautiful and attractive skyline views, showcase this feature with breathtaking photos. If your rental property is a sports facility with several different user-friendly features, highlight each feature separately. Focus on functional or design feature, or a combination of both. Also, take pictures of newly renovated areas of the rental property, newly painted office space, the beautiful landscape, etc.
Put all the best shots into a collage to make them easier for potential tenants to view from every angle. Collage pictures often attract lots of attention because they are always different from other listings. Share and promote these photos on social media like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook; social media can reach potential tenants who would otherwise never see your listings.

2. Create a virtual tour

Sometimes, by looking at pictures, it’s hard to figure out the actual size or key features of an office space, a warehouse, retail store, sport facility or any other commercial property. But just one good video is enough to convince potential tenants. Hire a professional with a high-resolution camera to help shoot a virtual tour.

Showcase all the key features of the property while explaining their benefits, or hire someone to do the talking while the video is running. This is one of the easiest methods of engaging with potential tenants while showcasing your rental property. You should do a simple rehearsal before you start shooting so you wouldn’t end up making mistakes.

If you have multiple rental properties, make a separate virtual tour for each of them and upload separately. Upload the video on your website, and on social media platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google + etc. and other property listing websites that allow videos.
Request for testimonials from former clients

3. Share testimonials from former clients

Nothing beats the endorsement of previous tenants. They can tell the real benefits of your property features, how it simplified their work, and contributed to their success story. Testimonials of how a beautiful office space helped a business build a better reputation, how an easily-accessible warehouse simplified goods storage and delivery, how a state-of-the-art sport facility inspired people to sign up for a sport class etc. can easily attract potential tenants.

Post your tenants’ testimonials on social media, your website, or right beside the property listings along with photos of each feature.
Showcasing the best features of your rental property requires a simple analysis of features you can sell to the public. While you can choose what features to showcase and what to leave out, make sure all your major features are good enough for tenants or else potential tenants will walk away after inspecting the property.

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