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February 8, 2018
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February 8, 2018

How to Cut Down Your Business Energy Costs

How to Cut Down Your Business Energy Costs

The overhead costs of operating a business can be overwhelming to the extent that it determines the business’ survival. However, several overhead costs can be managed effectively to allow business owners to reduce their monthly expenditures. One of such costs is the amount of energy that is utilized every day. Some amount of energy is consumed by everyone in an office space, so every business owner should be concerned about how to maximize energy consumption. The best part? Reducing your energy consumption will not only cut down your carbon foot print, it can create a more productive atmosphere for employees.

Here are proven methods to reduce your office energy expenditure…

Install Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion sensors prevent lights from turning on in spaces where they are not required. This quickly adds up to offset the amount of money on your energy bills. Since motion sensor only turns on where there is not enough natural lighting available, they are energy-efficient for outdoor spaces, including parking lots. Motion sensor lights not only reduce the time your office bulbs stay on, it lengthens the lifespan of the bulbs saving you replacement costs. Motion sensor lights also deter crime by indicating the location of a possible vandal, making it more difficult for criminals to move around without being spotted.

Use Smart HVAC System

Smart HVAC technology can regulate your heating and cooling system and trigger a significant positive effect on your energy consumption bottom line. If you install an automated logic control system in your office, it will provide more precise cooling and heating by matching the required atmosphere you need. The system will also ensure that the heat and air conditioning only run when they are required. Even more, smart HVAC systems can regulate the lighting of your office space by dimming the illumination whenever it’s not needed.

Switch to LED Lights

LED lights consume up to ninety percent less power compared to older incandescent bulbs. What’s more, LED lights lifespan are longer. This means you’ll save energy and replacement costs. LED lights also generate less heat which is good during the summer.

Make the Most of Natural Light and Heat 

Natural light is not only free, it brightens the atmosphere and can boost employee morale. So how can you make the most of this awesome free feature? Install large West and East-facing windows in your office and let the sun brighten and heat up your office during winter.  You should also consider rearranging your floorplan, so you can make the most of sunlight. You can easily draw the blinds during summer to keep your atmosphere cool. This is one of the easiest methods of maximizing energy consumption in your office.

Make Your Restrooms Energy Efficient

Having an energy-efficient restroom will cut down your energy consumption significantly. Consider replacing your paper towels with recycled paper, to cut back on your carbon footprint. Another good option is to use high-efficiency air dryers, and eliminate paper use altogether. Install low-flush toilets and touchless faucets to reduce water consumption. Low-flush toilets only require up to half of the water that regular toilets use.

Reinsulate Your Office Building

While reinsulating your office building requires some upfront investment, the benefits are worth the effort. Some older office buildings are known for releasing heat in the winter and leaking cool air in the summer. This increases energy costs significantly. Reinsulating your office space walls and ceilings will create an air-tight energy efficient business.

Look for Energy Star Label

The types of office equipment and appliances you use can affect your energy consumption hugely. Use energy star-certified office equipment and appliances, they are more efficient than conventional models. The EPA has established strict standards that manufacturers must adhere to before they can get the energy star label. Likewise, using energy star label appliances in your kitchen, can help cut down your appliance energy consumption by up to 50 percent. Your energy cost savings could be huge if you opt for energy star labels.

Consider Greener Tech

When you’re buying computers don’t forget that the bigger they are, the more energy they use. Laptops only consume ten percent of the power of desktops. Similarly, Laser Jet printers consume less energy than other options. Always look out for the greener options whenever you’re choosing office equipment and appliances.

Bottom Line

Reducing energy consumption in the office isn’t a one-man responsibility, it must be a part of your corporate culture. To make a significant impact, every member of your team must be involved in the cause. Clearly explain how your company intends to reduce its energy consumption expenditure and how it benefits the business and employees. Write policies and procedures that encourages energy conservation and create an environment that makes it easier for employees to stick to them.

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